Rotork ELB Line Break Detection System

Rotork ELB  Line Break Detection System Image

Rotork ELB Line Break Detection System

Product Name: Rotork ELB Line Break Detection System
Brand: Rotork
Product Code: ELB
Line Break Detection System

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Rotork’s ELB (Electronic Line Break) is a robust self-contained electronic pipeline monitoring system designed for use in the gas & oil industry. It will continuously monitor pipeline pressure dynamics to provide early detection of pipeline breaks and initiate automatic valve actuator movement to an emergency position based upon user-defined parameters. The powerful and versatile system can also collect detailed operational data useful for optimising performance and enhancing pipeline safety.Intuitive user interface featuring an advanced backlit displayComprehensive data logging in non-volatile memory with real-time clockManual reset option to maintain fail-safe position until human intervention allows a return to normal operationPressure monitoring with RoD and RoR calculationConfigurable fail position to Open, Close, or Stay-in-placeConfiguration and data retrieval via Rotork Bluetooth® Setting Tool or PC (using Rotork Insight 2™)Will operate on 9 to 28 VDC supply voltageLocal controls Open, Close, Local / Remote / StopRemote control available via either hard-wired connections or Modbus® serial communication protocolPartial stroke availableProvision for up to six remote inputsOptional position sensor inputUp to four configurable solenoid outputsRotork designed hazardous area enclosureCan be mounted either on the actuator or remotelyCompatible with a variety of actuator types