Servomech BG 86R M2 Bevel Gearbox

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Bevel gearboxes with high performances and compact dimensions. Suitable for operation at high input speed, up to 3000 rpm, with low noise level and high efficiency. Modular system with different versions available, additional outputs up to 6 shafts.Bevel gears are made in high quality alloy steel, cut according to GLEASON spiroidal toothing system, casehardened, tempered and lapped in pairs. The accurate and consolidated manufacturing technology allows to produce bevel gears able to work with low noise level and with high efficiency.BG S/R M/S/R Series input and output with solid shaft, standard or large diameter:6 standard sizes availableRatio from 1:1 to 1:4Cubic shaped housing with 6 machined sides, each of them with 4 mounting threaded holesCovers and shaft hubs machined with centring diameter with outward tolerance f7Features:Output shaft angular backlash: max. 10 arcmin (standard); on request controlled and reduced backlash,averagely less than (5 … 6) arcmin.Tapered roller bearings standard on all solid shafts and hollow output shaft;ball bearings on hollow input shafts for motor flange execution.Long-life grease lubrication for applications with low input speed.Synthetic oil lubrication on request and in case of high input speed.Assembling carried out entirely inside the company SERVOMECH, following all procedure steps to ensure a precise adjustment of the bearings and of the bevel gears to exalt following performances:– noiseless operation– high efficiency– long service life