Siemens 1LE1503-3AA23-3AB4-Z N07+N31 Motor

Siemens 1LE1503-3AA23-3AB4-Z N07+N31 Motor Image

Siemens 1LE1503-3AA23-3AB4-Z N07+N31 Motor

Product Name: Siemens 1LE1503-3AA23-3AB4-Z N07+N31 Motor
Brand: Siemens
Product Code: 1LE1503-3AA23-3AB4-Z N07+N31

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ProductArticle Number (Market Facing Number)1LE1503-3AA23-4AA4Product DescriptionSIMOTICS SD MOTOR TYPE: 1CV3312A Low-voltage motor, IEC Squirrel-cage rotor, self-ventilated, IP55 Temperature class 155(F) according to 130(B) cast iron frame Basic line Premium Efficiency IE3, 2-pole * Size 315M, * 132kW (50 Hz) 148kW (60 Hz) 3 AC 50 Hz 400 VD/690 VY * 3 AC 60 Hz 460 VD IM B 3, without motor protection Terminal box at topProduct familyNot availableProduct Lifecycle (PLM)PM300:Active ProductPrice dataPrice Group / Headquarter Price Group3F4List PriceShow pricesCustomer PriceShow pricesMetal FactorN-W-----Delivery informationExport Control RegulationsECCN : N / AL : NStandard lead time ex-works15 Day/DaysNet Weight (kg)880.000 KgProduct Dimensions (W x L x H)Not availablePackaging DimensionNot availablePackage size unit of measureNot availableQuantity Unit1 PiecePackaging Quantity1Additional Product InformationEANNot availableUPCNot availableCommodity Code85015381LKZ_FDB/ CatalogIDGG_LDProduct Group5127Group CodeP113Country of originCzech RepublicCompliance with the substance restrictions according to RoHS directiveSince: 22/07/19Product classC: products manufactured / produced to order, which cannot be reused or re-utilised or be returned against credit.WEEE (2012/19/EU) Take-Back ObligationYes