SKF PPM 161815 Bushing

SKF PPM 161815 Bushing Image

SKF PPM 161815 Bushing

Product Name: SKF PPM 161815 Bushing
Brand: SKF
Product Code: PPM 161815
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Technical specification MetricImperial DIMENSIONS d 16 mmD 18 mmB 15 mm RECOMMENDED FITS Tolerance shafth9Tolerance housingH7 CALCULATION DATA Specific dynamic load factorK 40 N/mm²Specific static load factorK0 80 N/mm²Permissible sliding velocityvmin. m/sPermissible sliding velocityvmax. 1 m/sCoefficient of frictionµmin. 0.06Coefficient of frictionµmax. 0.15 MASS Mass bushing 0.0012 kg