Stauff SNA127B-S-T-10 Level Gauge

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STAUFF Level Gauges SNAVisual fluid level indication in hydraulic reservoirs withmaximum tank pressures not exceeding 2?bar / 29?PSINominal Sizes and Designs? 6 nominal sizes from 76?mm / 2.99?in to 305?mm / 12.00?in? Display either undivided (SNA 076 ... 176) or subdivided  by strut(s) into 2 (SNA 254) or 3 sections (SNA 305)Media Compatibility? Suitable for use with Mineral and Petroleum  based hydraulic fluids (HL and HLP)Materials? Housing made of Steel St 12, black powder coating? Sight tube and plugs made of Polyamide (PA)? Sealings made of NBR (Buna-N®)? Scale plate made of PVCSpecial sight tube materials for improved UV or chemicalresistance and use with special media (such asbio-degradable fluids, diesel oils, gasolines, etc.) as wellas special sealing materials, e.g. FPM (Viton®), and scaleplate materials, e.g. Aluminium, are available on request.Technical Data? IP 65 protection rating: Dust tight and protected  against water jets (IP 67 on request)? Operating temperature range:  -30?°C ... +80?°C / -22?°F ... +176?°F