Stauff 121002685 SKK-20 R ¼ K-V-D W3 Coupling

Stauff 121002685 SKK-20 R ¼   K-V-D  W3 Coupling Image

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Test Couplings with Connection Thread M16 x 2 - SKK20Test Couplings with piston valve for:? Hydraulic applications with low-viscosity fluids (e.g. water, cooling lubricants, etc.)? For high, pulsating pressures? For customer philosophy “Soft sealing / non metal to metal seal”? Pneumatic applications? Natural gas applications with DVGW requirement SKK-DVGW? Other gas applications without DVGW requirements SKK-GAS? Filling (flow in opposite direction) SKK-FÜLLArea of Application? Monitoring and control of pressure? Venting? Sampling in high- and low-pressure systems? Filling of accumulators (special filling-version)Advantages? Coupling at system pressure level? Leakproof connection before ball valve is open? Simple connection to measuring, control  and switching devices? Self locking metal guard capMedia? Suitable for hydraulic oils and other mineral oil  based fluids (Please pay attention to the sealing  materials used)? For use in conjunction with other liquid or gaseous  media please consult STAUFF? In case of ultimate tightness requirements for  gaseous media, a special Gas-type is availableWorking Pressure? Max. working pressure 630 bar / 9137 PSI  For SKK style G and K the recommended working  pressure of fitting manufacturer has to be applied.? Joining under pressure up to 400 bar / 5801 PSI max.MaterialsMetal parts made of:? Steel, zinc/nickel-plated = C6F (CrVI-free)Optional:? Stainless Steel V2A (1.4305 / AISI 303) on request? Stainless Steel V4A (1.4571 / AISI 316Ti) on requestSealings made of:? P = NBR (Buna-N®)  Temperature range -20 °C ... +100 °C / -4 °F ... +212 °F? V = FPM (Viton®)  Temperature range -20 °C ... +200 °C / -4 °F ... +392 °F? E = EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)  for brake fluid,  Temperature range -40 °C ... +150 °C / -40 °F ... +302 °F