Stauff SPB-2-O-10-B12-O 1910002819 Filter Breather

Stauff SPB-2-O-10-B12-O  1910002819 Filter Breather Image

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STAUFF Plastic Filler Breathers SPBDesigned to be used as filler ports for hydraulic reservoirs, allowing the reservoir to breathe whilst protecting it from contamination found in harsh environmentsTypes? SPB 1 (Screw-in version; Cap Ø 45?mm / 1.77?in)? SPB 2 (Screw-in version; Cap Ø 70?mm / 2.76?in)? SPB 3 (Screw-in version; Cap Ø 101?mm / 3.98?in)? SPB 4 (Bayonet version for clamping jaw installation  to a single mounting hole; Cap Ø 101?mm / 3.98?in)   ? SPB 4 (Bayonet Version with six-hole bolt pattern for flange  interfaces similar to DIN 24557-2; Cap Ø 101?mm / Ø3.98?in)Materials? Made of non-corrosive materials ? Body and cap made of glass-fibre reinforced Polyamide (PA)? Sealings made of NBR (Buna-N®)Consult STAUFF for alternative materials.Technical Data? Operating temperature range:  -40?°C ... +120?°C / -40?°F ... +248?°FOptions / Accessories? Plastic basket (800??m)? Telescopic plastic basket (800??m)? Pressurisation up to 0,7?bar / 10?PSI? Air filter element? Anti-splash feature? Plastic dipstick with integrated anti-splash feature? Weld riser? Side mount bracket (Polyamide)? Side mount bracket (Aluminium)Some options / accessories may only beavailable for particular sizes or designs!