Sumitomo Fine Cyclo T-Series Motion Control

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OverviewSpur gear pre-stage and three eccentrics provide highest transmission accuracy, minimum speed ripples and minimum vibration. With an optimized profile of the disc lobes, this exceptionally low-vibration gearbox reaches a very high transmission precision, and provides a high degree of efficiency even in the low speed range. Less than 0.5 arcmin Lost Motion Ideal for traverse movement applications High input and output speeds possible Integrated tapered roller bearings on output Motor connection with keyway or clamping system on request Motor adapter on request Variants: F2C-T cylindrical housing F2CF-T flange housingTechnical InfoZero Mechanical Backlash Lost Motion <0.5 arcmin Number of Sizes 7 Reduction Ratios 81:1 / 118.5:1 / 141:1 / 171:1 (availability depending on size) Nominal Output Torque 167 Nm up to 4410 Nm (at n2 = 15 rpm) Acceleration Torque 417 Nm up to 11000 Nm Max. Momentary Peak Torque 835 Nm up to 22000 Nm Output Speed up to 60 rpm Max. Bending Moment 883 Nm up to 9570 Nm Bending Stiffness up to 6380 Nm/arcmin Max. Axial Load 3920 N up to 24500 N Torsional stiffness up to 1280 Nm/arcmin