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Features ·        4 Channels: (2) +/- 5v DC, (1) 150V AC, (1) Unfiltered +/- 100v ·        1,000 Reads per second ·        1,000,000 reads total memory ·        1mV Resolution ·        200+ MegOhm Impedance ·        Computer Configurable Trac 4 software at no charge ·        Allows user to share data in "Native Format" ·        Trac 4 software guarantees "Data Integrity" ·        Active AC and DC Filters ·        Water tight Case (Click Here To See You Tube Video Demonstration) ·        Li Rechargeable Battery ·        Time/Date Stamps ·        Exportable Data ·        Complex One Click Graphing ·        USB high speed Interface ·        Conveniently fits inside 3" Test Station Riser Pipes (Riser Pipe hanger included) Included in Model DL-1 Data Logger ·        Instrument with rechargeable battery ·        Trac 4 Software CD and available @ Trac4.com ·        Data Collection Cable ·        USB Computer Cable ·        Model 8-A Reference Electrode (Copper-Copper/Sulfate) ·        Test Station Riser Pipe Hanger ·        Screwdriver ·        Storage Case with Foam Insert ·        Instructions Software ·        TRAC 4 software CD included at no charge ·        Full downloadable version available @ Trac4.com ·        Values cannot be manipulated within Trac 4 software to guarantee integrity of the data recorded ·        Original Configuration and setup notes ·        Selective shunt values displays in data & graphics ·        Fast & Easy, single click graphing ·        Exportable Data