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Turbo E4T Sequencer

Product Name: Turbo E4T Sequencer
Brand: Turbo
Product Code: E4T
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DESCRIPTIONEnclosure for the remote pneumatic activation of diaphragm valves for de-dusting plants, by means of electro pilots with direct solenoid drive. The pilots protected inside the box are insulated from the environment, far from dust, humidity, weather, accidental bumps. Up to 8 pilot groups can be accommodated in each box, with a minimum of 1. The E4T sequencer board operates at 24 Vdc, in the 115 and 230 Vac RCP box the power supply accessory board is installed with the transformer.FEATURESEnclosure Support Base: Enclosure Lid: Pilot Core: Screws: Protection Rating from Water and Dust: Operating Pressure: Operating Temperature: Environmental Humidity: Power Supply Voltage: Electric Consumption: Coil Power Supply Voltage: Coil Insulation: Maximum Piloting Distance: Weight of the version with 2 pilots: Total Weight with 8 Pilots:Die-Cast Aluminium Die-Cast Aluminium Stainless Steel Stainless Steel IP66 (EN60529) 0.5 Bar to 7.5 Bar Maximum – 20 °C + 80 °C 0 ÷ 95% Relative non condensing 24 Vdc / 100 Vac 50-60 Hz / 240 Vac 50-60 Hz 18 Watt at Maximum Load 24 Vdc 12 Watt Class H ? 3 Meters guaranteed with Turbo valves 2.15 Kg 3.3 Kg