Ulvac OMT-200A Oil Mist Trap

Ulvac OMT-200A Oil Mist Trap Image

Ulvac OMT-200A Oil Mist Trap

Product Name: Ulvac OMT-200A Oil Mist Trap
Brand: Ulvac
Product Code: OMT-200A
Oil Mist Trap

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OMT-200AULVAC KIKOThe oil mist trap can collect oil smoke (oil mist) discharged during operation of the oil rotary pump and automatically collect it into the vacuum pump.Oil rotary pump Oil smoke from the exhaust port is generated especially at around atmospheric pressure. The oil may contaminate the atmosphere due to oil splashes, but this is solved by installing this oil trap.It is also possible to replace only the element (filter).SpecificationModelApplicable modelsABCOMT-050AG-5DA、G-10DA、G-20DAG-50DA、G-25SA、G-50SAGHD-031GLS-051、GLD-040、GLD-051G 3/4Φ6593OMT-100AG-101S、G-101D、GHD-101G 1Φ113135OMT-200AGLD-137AA、GLD-137CCGLD-202AA、GLD-202BBG 1Φ113135