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Energy storage and power conversion enablerThe VACON® NXP Grid Converter plays a key role in supporting clean power conversion in distributed networks with or without energy storage.By enabling connection of energy storage to AC grids, and facilitating AC grids onboard vessels or island applications in remote areas, it fulfils a unique function. Without the grid converter none of these would be possible. The grid converter facilitates load sharing and is highly versatile, for easy integration into diverse networks. Its importance cannot be overstated; use of a grid converter is a must in reaching emission targets.Smart grid converterVACON NXP Grid Converter for smart grids improves stability in the grid by supporting a diverse range of energy generators and energy storage systems. By enabling peak shaving, it in turn reduces the capital investment required for grid infrastructure. It is certified for grid code compliance in a wide range of countries, for fast system certification for system integrators.Supply voltages and power rangeAir cooled:3 x 380-500 V...180-1100 kW3 x 525-690 V...200-1200 kWLiquid cooled:3 x 400-500 V...160-1800 kW3 x 525-690 V...210-1800 kWFeatures and benefitsReduced fuel consumption as electrical power can be sourced from the gridLower CO2, NOx and SOx emissions as the main engine can be shut downConforms to ABS and DNV standardsImproved energy efficiency as engine speed can be optimizedLiquid and air cooled solutions availableFacilitates fast system certification for distributed smart grids, thanks to complaince with global grid codesProtects critical industrial processes with Intelligent DC backupSimplified logistics and good protection with containerized solutionsFaster, more cost effective engineering thanks to reference designsFacilitates active and reactive load sharing via droop functionVACON® Modbus TCP OPTCI