Watlow Stcl-F2Mg-Bpaa Pump

Watlow Stcl-F2Mg-Bpaa  Pump Image

Watlow Stcl-F2Mg-Bpaa Pump

Product Name: Watlow Stcl-F2Mg-Bpaa Pump
Brand: Watlow
Product Code: Stcl-F2Mg-Bpaa
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Watlow ST Solid State Controller STCL-F2MG-BPAAFeatures of the Watlow ST Solid State ControllerMultiple mounting options: back panel or DIN-rail mountOff-the-shelf system solution improves reliability, reduces installation costs and eliminates incompatibility issues associated with using multiple brandsAbility to communicate with programmable logic controller (PLC), personal computer (PC) or operator interface terminal (OIT)Complies with IP2X to increase user safetyPlus or minus percent temperature accuracy