Ayvaz AEFS Magnetic Flow Switch

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AEFS is used in order to check safely whether there is flow or not by detecting movement of liquids inside the pipe. It provides information about flow with high reliability without spending energy in cooling water or lubricating oil circuits, in the devices such as flash heater, central heating boiler and heater.It should be assembled vertically.As factory setting, contact is closed when there is flow; contact is open when flow stops. Exact opposite situation can be adjusted by user by changing position of relay in the housing.Working Principle:Palette, fastened from one point on the body, moves contact with fluid so that information about flow is obtained. When flow stops, it is provided that paddle comes to first position by pushing magnet with reverse pole in the paddle, attached on the body. By this means, longer life and resistance to higher pressure is provided in comparison with those of spring mechanisms. Reed relay with high precision and long life is used.Advantages:*High precision.*Easy to adjust and assemble*Relay circuit is contactless with fluid.*Low pressure decrease.*Economical