Weber 4120.30 captor controller

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Insertion flow meter for water- and oil-based mediaAnalog current and temperature outputThe i-captor includes standard features such as highly accurate temperature sensing and is available with both 4-20mA outputs for temperature and flow as well as RS485 Modbus RTU for digital signalling. The i-captor is simple, easy to install, very affordable and inherits weber’s legendary reliability. It does not suffer from accuracy losses due to changes in fluid temperature, has a better than 2% accuracy over range with better than 2% repeatability.It is the ideal choice for most water monitoring jobs from large chilled water systems with up to 20” pipes to just about any process need.Features- Counter totalizer - Modbus RTU and 4 - 20 mA outputs- Encapsulated for vibration resistance- Withstands up to 1450 psi static pressure- No moving parts- Made in USA