Wilkerson R08-01-F000 Regulator Image

Wilkerson R08-01-F000 Regulator

Product Name: Wilkerson R08-01-F000 Regulator
Brand: Wilkerson
Product Code: R08-01-F000
Tags: Wilkerson Wilkerson R08-01-F000 Regulator R08-01-F000 Regulator Wilkerson R08-01-F000 Regulator R08-01-F000 Wilkerson Regulator

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FeaturesThis modular regulator includes:Balanced Valve Design2 Gauge PortsServiceability and Ease of MaintenanceUnique Flush-mounted Pressure GaugeLight WeightModern Design and AppearanceSpecificationsFlow Capacity*1/4"68 SCFM (32 dm3/s, ANR)Adjusting Range Pressure0 to 30 PSIG (0 to 2 bar)0 to 60 PSIG (0 to 4 bar)0 to 125 PSIG (0 to 8 bar)0 to 232 PSIG (0 to 16 bar)Maximum Supply Pressure300 PSIG (20.7 bar)Operating Temperature-4° to 150°F (-20° to 65.5°C)Port SizeNPT / BSPP-G1/8, 1/4Gauge Port (2 ea.)**NPT1/8Weight0.37 lb. (0.17 kg)* Inlet pressure 145 psig (10 bar). Secondary pressure 91.3 psig (6.3 bar) and 14.5 psig (1 bar) pressure drop.** Non-gauge option only.