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Performance parameter range for our platform construction method:Output: 0.15 kW to 150 kW Voltage: 110 V to 440 V Speed: 500 min-1 to 3.600 min-1 Protection class: IP 44 to IP 55Characteristics of our standard DC motors Firmly installed connection pieces inside the terminal box Oversized terminal box allows also higher currents Flexible combination of NEMA MG1 and EN 60034ff possible Torque up to a threefold overload capacity Insulation class H rise F Vibration severity B guarantees a high endurance of the motor and a high lifetime of the bearings Adjustment and optimisation of the motor parameter to the pump curve Start-up time optimisation by means of the configuration of a NEMA starting resistor which is especially matched to the motor DC motors from WINKELMANNDirect current motors with protection class ratings from IP 44 to IP 55 are especially suited for use in damp, extremely dirty or aggressive environments where a high level of protection is necessary.Cooling can take place according to engine speed by means of self-cooling on the surface or independently of engine speed by a forced ventilation fan. Depending on the specific use, the drives can be equipped with brake, engine speed sensor or gearbox as well as various monitoring devices. We realize for internal and external installations.Motors according to NEMA MG1Due to the increasing globalisation, it has become more and more important for us and our customers to serve not only the European, but also the worldwide markets - of course in consideration of the local requirements and standards. For this reason we have supplemented our product portfolio by Motors acc. to NEMA MG1. Our many years of experience with the requirements of IEC and DIN EN Standards are the basis of this product series. Our modular design allows us a cost-effective combination of these two Standards.WINKELMANN Elektromotoren is your holistic system provider for the development and manufacture of three-phase and DC motors. Customised assembly and manufacture. In line with your requirements and incorporating our know-how.Let us advise you on an individual basis - we look forward to hearing from you.Sample applications Extruder Transmission/engine test rigs in the automotive industry Fluid flow test rigs in the field of inspection and research Braking motors Standby drives Traversing devices with a high protection class Rail drive units Compressor drive units for the oil and gas industry