Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve

Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve Image

Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve

Product Name: Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve
Brand: Yuken
Product Code: ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve
Tags: Yuken Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve ERBG-06-H-5011 Yuken Valve ERBG-06-H-5011 Valve Yuken ERBG-06-H-5011

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This valve is derived by combining a small, high-performance 1/8 proportional electro-hydraulic pilot relief valve with a relieving and reducing valve. With this valve, it is possible to regulate the system pressure in proportion to the input current. Incorporating a relief mechanism, this valve provides a good response speed and the pressure decreases even if the load is large. Note that this valve is used in conjunction with the applicable power amplifier.