Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Valve

Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Valve Image

Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Valve

Product Name: Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Valve
Brand: Yuken
Product Code: MPA-01-2-4001 Valve
Tags: Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 MPA-01-2-4001 Valve Yuken Valve Yuken MPA-01-2-4001 Valve

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YUKEN's Modular Valves are stack type valves, and require no piping. They not only rationalise system build, but they also meet the technical requirements for a variety of hydraulic systems. Stacking systems is a new era in hydraulics. The valves have standardized mounting surface conforming to ISO 4401 and optimum thickness for each size. Any hydraulic circuits can be easily composed by stacking the valves with mounting bolts. The valves can be used widely for hydraulic systems for various industries such as machine tools, special purpose machines, ships and steel mill equipment.