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VISULOG is an easy-to-use yet powerful software to use in combination with AOIP acquisition systems, calibration and measurement instruments. The software allows data to be acquired, managed, and stored on a computer. Measurement and calculation channelsEdition of comprehensive and customizable calibration reportsCustomizable visualization panel4 optional modules for advanced use:Calibration moduleModule of advanced management of access rights (21 CFR Part 11)Chamber mapping moduleRemote access and control moduleVISULOG allows acquisition on a computer to be performed over more than 5000 channels. It provides calculation channels, for statistics and advanced calculation as, for instance, required in oven mapping applications.Users can define result files, audit trails and manage the acquisitions.Build your own screenMeasurements can be displayed as a list of results, curves, bargraphs and high definition diagrams.Pictures or schematic of your installation can be set as a background of the screen, then you can place curves, channels values close the real points.All the results can be exported to spread sheets as excel or other softwares. Alarms can be also defined by the user (4 alarms per channel). These alarms can generate pop up windows on the control screen. Emails to one or several users in charge of supervision can also be generated.VISULOG-PHARMA: Optional module for advanced management of access rights – Compliance to 21 CFR part 11 - FDA StandardVISULOG software can be configured to fulfil all the 21 CFR part 11 requirements:Security Management- Personal login and password- 3 levels of rights: Administrator, Super-User, UserEach level gives specific rights. Passwords will automatically expire unless renewed within a configurable time.User accounts are disabled after a number of failed login attempts and failures are logged into the audit trailAn acknowledgment, or signature, is required for every action including alarms validation.Results files are stored in a VISULOG format: *.vgc Audit trailAll the events are recorded into a protected file: connections, disconnections, alarms appearance/clearance, configuration modifications, results readings…Please do not hesitate to contact AOIP to ask for our "white paper", explaining step by step the compliance of VISULOG to the FDA 21 CFR PART 11 requirements, regarding data saving, access restrictions and audit trails.VISULOG-ETAL : Optional module for sensor calibrationThis module enables sensor calibration to be managed and fully automatized. An unlimited number of calibration procedures can be created.Every sensor can be automatically calibrated after configuration by comparison either to a standard sensor connected to a channel of an acquisition system, either to an external reference. Results are registered and integrated into VISULOG software: applied corrections, standard references, calibrated values…After calibration, the user can create a customized calibration report.Applications :Autoclave validationWith the sensor calibration facility, full autoclave validation can be performed with VISULOG software and an AOIP data acquisition system:Process description:Pre calibration of the temperature sensors, adjustment performed into the data-logging system, BEFORE the validation processAutoclave validation with real-time monitoring and F0 calculationPost calibration of the temperature sensorsMonitoringMonitoring of chambers, cooler, cool rooms in R&D or production processes within pharmaceutical / medical environments, food industry…in order to control the non-drift of chambers and ensure the traceability of the environment in which tests are performed.VISULOG-CARTO : Optional module for mapping of thermal & climatic chambers and storage roomsVISULOG-CARTO can perform in real time characterization, qualification, mapping and validation of a chamber or a storage room according to IEC60068-3-11.Mapping allows characteristics of room to be precisely defined in terms of stability, homogeneity and horizontal and vertical thermal gradients between measurement points within the chamber.  Applications :Storage roomsIn case of storage applications and depending on the type of products stored, it is necessary to define with accuracy the climatic conditions at every part of the room. Knowing the temperature and humidity differences inside the room, sensitive products can be stored according to their storage and behavior specifications.Once the sensors are placed, the room is controlled and monitored in real time during days and nights and eventually warns the supervisor of changing conditions with alarm emails.Climatic and thermostatic chambersVISULOG mapping facilities will perform all the necessary operations according the standard IEC60068-3-11.For every sensor and between all sensors, values of stability, homogeneity, maximum, minimum, mean and standard deviation are calculated and displayed.Deviations to the set point and to the indicator are also taken into account.VISULOG mapping procedures are pre-integrated for chambers with volume below 2m3 and between 2 m3 and 20m3 and beyond. For mapping of climatic chambers, the use of humidity sensors is required. VISULOG-WEB : Optional module for remote control and monitoringThis module enables users to have a real-time remote control and monitoring of the acquisition and to access data under acquisition and stored in VISULOG.Via any network, VISULOG-WEB is accessible from any Internet browser to real time display channels, result files, alarms and log files.Access is protected by ID and password.