Aoip FRONTDAQ 20 High Speed Acquisition

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FrontDaq system is a high speed acquisition module (7680 Hz/channel) with 20 analogue synchronized inputs (1 A/D converter per channel) and 20 TTL inputs / outputs.All necessary configuration and management software (WEB server technology) are embedded into the plug-and-play system and allow remote control of the acquisition through any web browser: Setup, start, result display, monitoring and data exportation. FrontDaq 20 memory capacity (internal of 660,000 samples / channel and external via CF card, allows several months of data to be recorded. FrontDaq 20 meet therefore the various requirements of monitoring and survey applications on the field as well as on test bench.FrontDaq 20 perform measurement, monitoring and recording of analogue and digital signals coming from sensors of physical or electrical values. These signals can be:Voltage: 0-10 VCurrent: 0-20 and 4-20 mA with external shuntsThermocouples: Type K/T/J/N/E/R/S/B with or without cold junction compensationResistance: 2400 ?RTD: Temperature sensors (Pt100 / 500 / 1000) in 2, 3 or 4 wiresFrequency: up to 10 kHz measuring frequency and countingStrain gaugesFast and still accurate, FrontDaq 20 modules perform acquisition from every input simultaneously up to 7680 samples / s / channel, i.e. a period of 120 µs. Measurement can be performed with different frequencies, resolutions, trigger conditions and types of inputs, making FrontDaq 20 perfect for measurement and control of very fast phenomenon.Channels being synchronized, the scanning speed does not depend on the number of channels scanned and recorded. The instruments are freed from multiplexer constraints: regardless of the number of channels acquired, the speed will remain optimum. Additional FrontDaq 20 can be connected together to extend the number of inputs available and make a network.Accurate monitoring and flexibility are ensured with:2 limits per channel, 20 universal analogue inputs with 1 ADC 24 bytes per channel4 analogue 0-10 V outputs20 TTL inputs/outputs5 programmable triggersEthernet TCP/IP, RS 232, USB (GSM / GPS in option)