Aoip CALYS 60 IS Field Instruments

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Aoip CALYS 60 IS Field Instruments

Product Name: Aoip CALYS 60 IS Field Instruments
Brand: Aoip
Product Code: CALYS 60 IS
Field Instruments

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CALYS 80 IS is an ATEX documenting multifunction calibrator within CALYS IS range. It is the perfect tool for advanced process maintenance and use on test bench in hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Suitable for all field and lab measurements, it can simultaneously measure and generate over two isolated channels various signals of temperature, resistance, process, pressure and frequency in one single instrument.Providing extended functionalities (temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, statistical functions…) and audit trails, CALYS IS series complies with both 21 CFR Part 11 and NADCAP Heat Treatment standards and makes advanced data exploitation and full data traceability easier. CALYS IS can store and recall up to 10 complete instrument configurations and values with manual or automatic recall for easy and quick work in the field.The dual channel display allows a simultaneous indication of the measured and the simulated values. The graphic mode allows the trend to be displayed.Pressure calibrationCALYS 60 IS can be used with external interchangeable pressure modules, allowing gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurements to be performed up to 700 bar.Using this user-friendly instrument, calibration tasks can be quickly carried out over the whole process chain. Take the 1.4 kg documenting process calibrator to the field with you during the whole week with 10 calibration procedures stored in the device. Run the procedure after connecting the probes to the instrument and save the results for onsite easy and quick calibration. Back to the office, you can then upload the data on a computer in order to issue customized calibration certificates with dedicated calibration software DATACAL.  Key features:ATEX compliance: ATEX Ex II 1G EEx ia IIC T4 –20°C Tamb +50°C) XSwitch test, leak test