Aron ADB5E01CMS11 Valve

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Aron ADB5E01CMS11 Valve

Product Name: Aron ADB5E01CMS11 Valve
Brand: Aron
Product Code: ADB5E01CMS11 Valve
Tags: Aron Aron Valve ADB5E01CMS11 Aron ADB5E01CMS11 Valve ADB5E01CMS11 Valve Aron ADB5E01CMS11

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Aron ADB5E cetop 05 4/3 double solenoid directional control valve. Technical features and operating parameters for the ADB5E series are as follows:Maximum pressure ports P/A/B: 350 bar, maximum pressure port T (DC coil): 250 bar, maximum pressure port T (AC coil): 160 bar, maximum flow: 100 litres/minute, maximum excitation frequency: 3 Hz, duty cycle: 100% ED, fluid viscosity: 10 to 500mm2/s, fluid temperature: -25oC to 75oC, ambient temperature: -25oC to 60oC.Valve ADB5E01CK003: spring centred, APB (all ports blocked), 24v AC / 110v AC / 220v AC, 50/60hZ.