ESN Types 8553, 8554 Fuse Box

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Overload releases or fuse screw elements / to hold max. 2 fuses. Technical data Dimensions Housing, see figure   WxHxD 200/200/170 mm Housing   Material Polyester Type of protection IP 67 Attachment Wall fastening brackets 4 x M6 or   clamping strip fastening Screw fitting 2x or 3x respectively   M25 x 1.5 (as standard, changes are   possible on request) Connection directly to the fuse socket   (M6 screw-type terminal) Configuration 1 fuse / overload release   2 screw fittings (M25 x 1.5)   2 fuses / overload releases   3 screw fittings (M25 x 1.5) Fuse values DC 750 V train rated voltage;   2 to 63 A (please specify the desired   rated current when ordering) Ordering information Type Description Article No. 8553 1 overload release, wall fastening 810621 8553 2 overload releases, wall fastening 810622 8553 1 overload release, clamping strip fastening 810623 8553 2 overload releases, clamping strip fastening 810624 8554 1 fuse screw element, wall fastening 810601 8554 2 fuse screw elements, wall fastening 810602 8554 1 fuse screw element, clamping strip fastening 810611 8554 2 fuse screw elements, clamping strip fastening 810612 Accessories Clamping strip fastening for attachment to a mast 810610