Basler BE1-11f Feeder Protection System

Basler BE1-11f   Feeder Protection System Image

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This instruction manual provides basic installation and setup information for BE1-11 Protection Systems.To accomplish this, the following information is provided:• BESTCOMSPlus® software installation and operation• Power supply connections• Settings configuration• Programming BESTlogic™Plus programmable logicFor complete information on a specific BE1-11 Protection System, refer to one of the following instructionmanuals:• BE1-11d, DC Power Protection System, Publication 9424200761• BE1-11f, Feeder Protection System, Publication 9424200990• BE1-11g, Generator Protection System, Publication 9424200994• BE1-11i, Intertie Protection System, Publication 9424200993• BE1-11m, Motor Protection System, Publication 9424200996• BE1-11t, Transformer Protection System, Publication 9424200995Conventions Used in this ManualImportant safety