Basler SR6A Static Voltage Regulator

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• Output voltage ratings of 32, 63, and 125 VDC available. • 1/2% regulation. • Fast regulator response. • No electrolytic capacitors. • For use with brush or brushless rotary exciters or as a shunt type static exciter. • Available for either 50/60 or 400 Hz operation. • Single or three phase sensing available. • Paralleling provisions. • Adjustable stability circuit. • Available with any of three time constants. • Designed to withstand severe shock and vibration. • Complete line of accessories available. • CSA certified. SR_A voltage regulators are applicable to any size or type of alternator/exciter system. ROUTE 143, BOX 269 HIGHLAND, ILLINOIS 62249, U.S.A. PHONE 618-654-2341 FAX 618-654-2351 SR4A, SR6A, SR8A, SR9A, SR32A Static Voltage Regulators DESCRIPTION and SPECIFICATIONS page 2 ACCESSORIES, INTERCONNECTS and OUTLINE page 3 ORDERING page 4 ADD