Berarma GMP  Motor-Pump Unit Image

Berarma GMP Motor-Pump Unit

Product Name: Berarma GMP Motor-Pump Unit
Brand: Berarma
Product Code: GMP
Motor-Pump Unit

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GMP MOTOR PUMPSeries/Model CodeGeometric Displacement (cm3/rev)Max Flow Rate at 1450 rpm (l/min)Max Operating Pressure (bar)GMP – 161623250GMP – 202029250GMP – 252536250GMP – 323246250MAIN FEATURES:DIRECT DRIVE FROM PUMP AND MOTORASYNCHRONOUS THREE PHASE MOTORS 4 and 6 POLESROTATION DIRECTION: Right hand (clockwise – viewed from shaft end )MOUNTING TYPE MOTORS : Special B3-B14 (IEC 34-7)RATED VOLTAGE : 230/400 V +/- 10% a 50 Hz – 266/460 V +/- 10% a 60 HzEFFICIENCY CLASS : IE3POWER AVAILABLE : from 0,75 Kw (1HP) to 9,3 Kw (12,5 HP)