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Berarma PLP Pumps

Product Name: Berarma PLP Pumps
Brand: Berarma
Product Code: PLP05-16F
Tags: Berarma Berarma PLP Pumps PLP Pumps Berarma PLP Berarma Pumps
Artikel: 01-PLP05-16FHRM

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PLP05-16F POMPA PALETTE 16 CC PMAX 120 BAR TARAT.PLP05-16FGR2HRM POMPA PALETTE 16 CC PMAX 120 BAR TARAT.PLP05-16FHRM-18BAR-11CC/GIRO POMPA A PALETTE TARATA A 18 BAR 11CC/GIRPLP05-16FHRM-18BAR-8CC/GIRO POMPA A PALETTE TARATA A 18 BAR 8CC/GIROPLP05-16FHRMA POMPA 16 CC PMAX 120 BAR TARAT. 20-120 BPLP1-20F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BARPLP1-20FLRM POMPA A PALETTE 15-50BARPLP1-25F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BARPLP1-32F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BAR NUOVAPLP1-32FLRMA POMPA A PALETTE PREDISPOSTA ACCOPP.PLP2-40F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BARPLP2-50F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BARPLP2-63F POMPA A PALETTE 30-100BAR PLP3-100F POMPA A PALETTE 50-90BARPLP PUMPSSeries/Model CodeGeometric Displacement (cm3/rev)Max Flow Rate at 1450 rpm (l/min)Max Operating Pressure (bar)01-PLP-05-16162312001-PLP-1-20202910001-PLP-1-25253610001-PLP-1-32324710001-PLP-2-40405810001-PLP-2-50507310001-PLP-2-63639210001-PLP-3-80801169001-PLP-3-1001001459001-PLP-3-12012017490MAIN FEATURES:ROTATION DIRECTION: Right hand (clockwise – viewed from shaft end )MOUNTING FLANGE : Flange 4 bolt (UNI ISO 3019/2) and Flange as gear pump size 2PORT CONNECTION : GAS BSP(UNI ISO 228/1)threads; SAEPRESSURE COMPENSATOR: Mechanical , directOTHER: All pumps are equipped with volume adjustment unit (flow adjuster) Only on request arrangement for coupling to all Berarma pumps and to main other types of pumps available on fluid power market.