Brinkmann TB25/90 Immersion Pump

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Immersion Pumpsare plain centrifugal pumps with the impeller fitted on the driving shaft extension. They are mounted on top of the container, the pump extension being immersed in the coolant.The dimensions are based on standard specification EN 12157.The maximum coolant level must stay a few mm/inches below the mounting flange.TB16...100Engineering drawingPump characteristicApplicationsTypes of fluidcoolantscooling/cutting oilsother fluids on requestKinematic viscosity...45 mm²/s (45 cSt)Pumping temperature0...60° CConstructionPump bodycast ironCoverPOMImpellerPOMShaftsteel Optional:Covercast ironcast iron with threadImpellerbrasscast ironOptional:These models are also available with single phase motor. Noise level45 dBA (TB16...TB100)Technical dataTypeVol. manom.del. headDepthof im-mersionPipecon-nectionWeight PowerVoltage3 ~Fre-quen-cyCurrentSpeedl/min /mh mmkgkWVHzA1/minTB16/90    16/290G ½4.30.07220-240500.352800120     115 4.5 380-420500.202800170     165 5.0 460600.203300220     215 5.5     TB25/90    30/290G ½4.30.1220-240500.382700120     115 4.5 380-420500.222700170     165 5.0 460600.223200220     215 5.5     270     265G ¾6.0     350     345 6.5     TB40/90    50/295G ¾4.30.12220-240500.442700120     120 4.5 380-420500.252700170     170 5.0 460600.253200220     220 5.5     270     270 6.0     350     350 6.5     TB63/90    75/2