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3.1 MID-MDS System 30/49/84The MID-MDS system consists of a rack and different plug-incards.The cards have the following functions:• DR11 master card (controls all processes)• LS23 valve card (controls the valves)• UV12 measuring card (converts the measuring signal of theMIDs into pulses)• QBxxx-cards (for connecting the cables)MDS 30: up to 6 channels (control panel enclosure)MDS 49: up to 12 channels (control panel enclosure or 19“rack)MDS 84: up to 18 channels (19“ rack)Racks can be interconnected to achieve a larger number ofchannels (up to 548).3.2 MID-TerminalThe MID-Terminal configures the MID-MDS system anddisplays the programmed data and measured values. If desiredby the machine manufacturer, this function can also beassumed by the PLC that controls the machine.The visualization is available in various languages.3.3 MDS-PLCThe MDS-PLC can control up to 4 measuring instruments and 4valves. The parameters are configured and displayed via theMDS-PLC. The visualization is available in various languages.It is possible to connect magnetic-inductive flow meters, seriesMID in conjunction with the UV14 converter module, mass flowmeters series FMD, oval wheel meters series OD and othermeasuring instruments with pulse output.