Brinkmann FH1115B57 Pressure Boosting Pump

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FH1102 – 1121 50Hz – Closed impellersPressure Boosting Pumps series TH and FH use closed impellers in order to minimize power consumption and to optimize hydraulic pump efficiencies. In addition, the TH series offers high pressures at short immersion depths. Inline pumps of the series FH can be used as boosting pumps if provided with positive  inlet pressure. This inlet pressure can be provided by the central coolant supply or a feed pump. In such a setup, pumps of the series FH can raise the incoming pressure by up to 26 bar.For alternating machining using internally and externally cooled tools, these models are available with Y/YY-connfigured pole-changing motor (Dahlander) for optional changeover to half speed operation.A frequency converter can be supplied for special applications or for matching the pump characteristic to a specific duty point.See page “Control/Regulation” in the Technical Information section of this catalog for further information.Applications Types of fluid water coolants cooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity25 mm²/s (25 cSt)Pumping temperature 0 – 80°C ConstructionPump bodyCast ironCoverCast ironImpellersCrNi-steelShaftCrNi-steelDiffusersCrNi-steelMechanical sealSiCO-ringsVitonOptional:Pole-changing motor4 – 2 polesPump bodyBronzeCoverBronzeNoise levelFH1102 – 110763 dBAFH1108 – 111471 dBAFH1115 – 112174 dBA