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SB20, 40, 60 – Open impellersSuction Pumps are self-priming following the initial priming, and operate according to the bypass duct principle. We recommend pump models featuring bronze body elements for pumping water without anticorrosion additives.The dimensions are based on standard specification EN 12157.Applications Types of fluid coolants cooling/cutting oilsfuel oilwater (with anticorrosive additive)Kinematic viscosity60 mm²/s (60 cSt)Suction height1 – 2 m without foot-located valve4 – 6 m with foot-located valve ConstructionPump bodyCast ironCoverCast ironImpellerBrassShaftSteelMechanical sealGraphite basedO-ringsVitonOptional:Pump bodyBronze (SB20…SB40)CoverBronze (SB20…SB40)ImpellerCrNi-steelNoise levelSB20 – 4054 dBASB6064 dBA