Brinkmann STL144 / 250 Slurp submersible pump

Brinkmann STL144 / 250     Slurp submersible pump Image

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Quick Suctioning Immersion Pumpsequipped with the patented "BRINKMANN`s Suction De-aeration System" are excellently suited to pumping extremely air entrained fluids (emulsions resp. cooling/cutting oils) as they occur in heavy cutting when turning, milling or grinding.The quick suctioning immersion pumps reach stable working conditions as soon as the liquid level reaches the suction inlet.The STL serie offers a (SAE) flange with pressure gauge connection port.The flange can be rotated for either horizontal or vertical pipe connections.TL/STL141...146Engineering drawingPump characteristicApplicationsTypes of fluidcoolantscooling/cutting oilsKinematic viscosity...45 mm²/s (45 cSt)Pumping temperature0...80° CConstructionPump bodycast ironCovercast ironImpeller axialcast steelImpeller radialbrassShaftsteel Optional:Impeller radialcast steelTechnical dataTypeVol. manom.del. headHeightDepthof im-mersionWeight PowerVoltage3 ~Fre-quen-cyCurrentSpeedl/min /mH mmh mmkgkWVHzA1/minTL141/150    100/1022315014.00.55220-240502.502750230      23014.5 380-420501.452750300      30016.0 460601.453250380      38016.5     470      47018.0     580      58019.0     TL142/180    100/2029118019.01.1220-240504.332850260      26019.5 380-415502.502850330      33021.0     410      41022.01.27460602.43440500      50024.0     610      61025.0     STL141/150    100/1029315021.00.54220-240502.422800230      23021.5 380-420501.402800300      30022.5 460601.403300380      38023.0     470      47024.5