Celem C500Q Conduction Cooled Capacitor

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C500Q is a 500kVAr rectangular capacitor, with the same height and footprint as the popular C500T. The C500Q is manufactured using Celem’s patent pending technologies and has several advantages over the C500T. Each of its electrodes has 5 mounting holes and larger surface area for current and heat flow ensuring better cooling. The design of the C500Q enables devotion of more volume to the capacitor element and less to the electrodes. This enables production of higher capacitance values at each selected voltage whilst keeping the size of the capacitor.Specifications TYPE C500Q Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 88 x 88 x 71.5 Weight kg 1.8 Capacitance (±10%) ?F 4.5 7 9 13 21 33 Sinusoidal Voltage Vrms 1000 800 700 500 Peak Voltage Vpeak 1410 1130 990 710 Max. Current Arms 800 1000 Max. Power kVAr 500 Freq Range @ Half Power kHz 9-91 7-71 5-49 4-30 5-19