Celem C500TW Water-Cooled Capacitor

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C500TW is a heavy-duty medium frequency water-cooled power capacitor, suited for the 10 - 70kHz frequency range. It provides all the benefits of the C500T in addition to an integrated water-cooling system and the same large safety margins. The C500TW can replace the C500T and operates as a conduction-cooled capacitor. C500TW is extremely compact, providing the best power to volume ratio in the industry. Being a water-cooled capacitor, it is an ideal building block for very high power, medium frequency applications. Please check in the Assembly Systems section options for parallel and series assemblies. Standard applications: Induction heating, resonant circuits, medical imaging, heat treatment, plasma applications, wireless power transfer, EV (electric vehicle) charging, IPT, high frequency inverters, etc. Features: Polypropylene Water-cooled capacitor High Power Self-Healing capacitor Low ESR Low losses UL94-V0 available upon request.   The C500TW capacitor complies with RoHS. The 4 water connecting tubes should be ordered separately.Specifications TYPE C500TW Dimensions ( D ) mm Ø80 Ø101 Ø80 Ø88 Ø94 Ø80 Ø101 Weight kg 1.1 1.4 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.1 1.5 Capacitance (±10%) ?F 1.4 3 4 6.3 8.5 10 21 27 37 Sinusoidal Voltage Vrms 1100 750 900 700 500 550 500 Peak Voltage Vpeak 1560 1060 1270 990 710 780 710 Max. Current Arms 600 800 700 1000 Max. Power kVAr 500 Freq Range @ Full Power kHz 47-82 47-68 25-39 26-51 19-37 16-32 15-15 10-12 9-9 Stray Inductance nH < 10