Domel Centric 150 Centrifuge

Domel Centric 150  Centrifuge Image

Domel Centric 150 Centrifuge

Product Name: Domel Centric 150 Centrifuge
Brand: Domel
Product Code: Centric 150

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The CENTRIC 150 centrifuge is a compact, digital bench-top centrifuge with many additional  benefits including an active lid cooling system and silent operation, all at a most-effective price.   Centrifuges functions are controlled by microprocessor which supervises all its safety protection features such as the displayed imbalance cut-out and lid locking system. It also provides system diagnosis features, automatic rotor recognition and speed limitation, braking and acceleration, intensity, momentary run… Even regulation from the control computer is possible.   Thanks to wide speed range the CENTRIC 150 can be used not only for simple applications like standard urine and blood separation but also for high speed centrifugation of small samples in tubes ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 ml. Whith an additional rotor even 15 ml tubes can be used.   The CENTRIC 150 is the ideal and affordable choice of centrifuge for daily routine operations in the laboratory. It provides more now to cope with increased demands in the future, all these without the need for additional expense at the later date.