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Product Name: Gestra QUICKCC
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: QUICKCC
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Condensate Recovery and Return System QuickCC

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Description Condensate flows either directly from the consumer or via the flash vessel into the condensate recovery and return system where a level-controlled pump delivers the condensate to the feedwater deaerator or feedwater tank. QuickCC is designed to handle flowrates up to 8 t/h. The size of the collecting tank depends on the condensate load. The water level gauge gives a visual indication of the liquid level in the collecting tank. A choice is available of single or double pumps with 100 % discharge capacity each. If one pump (duty pump) of the double pump unit fails the second pump (standby pump) is brought into operation and ensures uninterrupted condensate delivery. The pump control NRSP-QuickCC including the motor switch and main switch are housed in a separate control box ready for wall mounting.