Domel Centric 250 Centrifuge

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Centrifuge  CENTRIC  250  is  universal  laboratory  centrifuge, designed for use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for  separating  substances  with  different  relative  densities  by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of  16.200 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 25.000 x g.   A  wide  usage  of  programming  options  and  an  electronic operation control allow a trouble-free use of the centrifuge. With a  special  drive,  quiet  maintenance-free  operation  without  any carbon dust pollution is guaranteed.   Device  is  equipped  with  user-friendly  options  which  make  the operation  and  standard  settings  easier  for  you.  Built-in error-detecting  functions  keep  the  user  from  entering  incorrect values and check the complete operation.   The  centrifuge  has  the  possibility  to  save  programs.  In  the program  store  you  can  save  up  to  100  different  data  sets.  The centrifuge always keeps the last run program in its memory for an  unlimited  amount  of  time  allowing  the  program  to  be restarted  at  any  time  -  even  if  the  centrifuge  was  turned  off during  operation.  All  important  operation  parameters  can  be seen at a glance.   The  settings  are  executed  with  knobs  and  keys  on  the  control panel. The interior of the centrifuge is also easy to clean. We are able to offer you a device that combines functional variety with practical applications.