Dynisco TDT463F-1/2-5C-15/46-SIL2 Pressure Sensors

Dynisco TDT463F-1/2-5C-15/46-SIL2 Pressure Sensors Image

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Installation for media temperature up to 400°C Flexible capillary between rigid stem and housing Electrical built-in calibration Various high level outputs 4-20 mA, 2-wire 0-10 V DC, 3/4-wire and other volt output signal ranges Performance Characteristics Pressure Range: 0-17 bar to 0-2000 bar Accuracy: MDT422F ±0.5% FSO (up to 50 bar ±1% FSO); Repeatability: MDT422F ±0.1% FSO (up to 50 bar ±0.2% FSO); MDT462F ±0.2% FSO Resolution: Infinite Maximum Overload (without in"uencing operating data): 2x pressure range for range 1000 and 1400 Burst Pressure: 6x pressure range max. 3000 bar Material in Contact with Media: 15-5 PH SST (Mat. No. 1.4545) DyMax® coated Electrical Characteristics Confguration: 4-arm Wheatstone bridge strain gage Internal Shunt Calibration: 80% of full scale ±1% Output Signal: 2-wire 4-20 mA Supply Voltage: 12-36 Vdc Zero Balance: ±1% Rezero Initiation: Locally via zero potentiometer, or remotely via short circuit between pins “D” and “F” Range Calibration 80% FSO: “Short circuit” between connections pins “E” and “F” at the sensor or externally from the control room Load Resistance: Maximum 1200 at 36 Vdc Maximum 500 at 24 Vdc Isolation Resistance: 1000M* at 50 Vdc Temperature Influence Diaphragm: Max. Temperature: 400ºC Zero Shift (due to temperature change): MDT422F X < 0.2 bar/10ºC MDT462F X < 0.4 bar/10ºC Housing: Max. Temperature: 85ºC Zero Shift (due to temperature change): ±0.2% FSO/10ºC Sensitivity Shift (due to temperature change): MDT422 X ±0.1% f.s.v./10ºC up to 50 bar ±0.2% f.s.v./10ºC MDT462 X ±0.4% f.s.v./10ºC Approvals &Self Certifications CE: Directive 2004/108/EC ISO