Hydropa DS-302/F-35 Pressure Switch

Hydropa DS-302/F-35 Pressure Switch Image

Hydropa DS-302/F-35 Pressure Switch

Product Name: Hydropa DS-302/F-35 Pressure Switch
Brand: Hydropa
Product Code: Hydropa DS-302/F-35
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Artikel: DS-302/F-35
Hydropa DS-302/F-35

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We are the leading specialist in Europe forPiston pressure switches known and offer ourCustomers a wide rangevarious designs.Through many years of experience with material pairings,Machining processes andWe can target manufacturing tolerances andflexible to the most diverse requirementscome in.Our pressure switches stand out above alldue to their permanent precision, their broadRange of application and unconditional reliabilityout.The DS 307/302 is the all-rounder ("The Original")under the series switch. Because of thatrobust construction, it is also roughAmbient conditions extremely reliable.Its many possible variations make it possibleit to him for the most varied of tasks in almostall machines.