Elma M1 Series Rugged Cabinet

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Optima's M1 rugged cabinets are ready for reliable service in demanding environments. Defense, Transportation and Seismic Ready Cabinets have been lab and field tested to insure that mission critical equipment remains up and running during harsh deployment events. M1 cabinets are AREMA and CENELEC compliant tested and meet a variety of comparable defense and telecom related standards. The high strength-to-weight ratio design of the M Series cabinet supports and protects the equipment during the full force of a seismic or other shock/vibration event. Telecom, transportation, military and aerospace systems require today's cabinets to handle denser equipment loads. M1 Frame (Bezel) Design, Single wall Extrusion.FeaturesHeavy duty single or double walled extrusionsHeights: 12U, 16U, 20U, 24U, 30U, 35U, 40U, 44UInternal reinforcing corner keys, four way crimped and weldedCorner sockets and corner members welded to meet: ANSI 329, Bellcore TR-63Universal hard mounting to floor - bolt down base (ceiling or wall bracing optional)Vibration resistant hardwareIndependent, removable side, top panel, bottom panel and doorsIntegrated cable management, power conditioning and cooling optionsStandards ComplianceAREMA and CENELECNEBS Leval 3 zone 4 - SeismicGR-63-COREMIL-STD: 901D - Shipboard shock/vibMIL-STD: 810F ShockMIL-STD: 167 - VibrationMIL-STD: 461 - EMC