Elma Unibox 14 Desktop/Rackmount Case

Elma Unibox 14  Desktop/Rackmount Case Image

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Request PricingFeaturesUsable as sub rack or as desktop caseCard mounting from front and backDimensions according to IEC 60297Numerous adaptation optionsThe extruded aluminum frame can be used as a sub rack or, when clad with a set of easily fitted cover plates, transformed into a small table-top instrument caseRack mount complete with cover plates possiblePanels and modules can be mounted from the front or the backAdaptation kits available for mounting modulesFitting of telescopic rails or guide rails only possible for 81 HP (upon request only)Can be employed as a desktop case or sub rack for mounting in 19" cabinetsIn either configuration it will accept PCBs and plug-in units based on standard card sizes conforming to DIN 41494 or IEC 60297Recessed mounting with a pitch of 7.5 mm is possibleWith metal cover plates fitted, the sub rack is suitable for use where it is subjected to continuous vibration