Epe Italiana AS25P360CH9V-8-C0C0 Accumulator Bag 25LT

Epe Italiana AS25P360CH9V-8-C0C0 Accumulator Bag  25LT Image

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Construction The EPE bladder accumulator, generally designed & manufactured according to European directive, comprises a steel shell in which is fitted a bladder complete with a gas valve and a fluid port with the poppet valve (Fig.2) The accumulator shell is a pressure vessel forged or fabricated from high grade steel designed and manufactured to meet relevant international standards. For special applications various surface coatings are available as well as stainless steel construction. The bladder construction which is unique to EPE is moulded in a single piece thus obviating problems associated with seamed construction. The gas valve is fitted in such a manner which allows it to be connected easily and safely. In addition the valve, not an integral part of the bladder, can be re-used, thus reducing maintenance costs. Bladders are normally manufactured from nitrile, but for special applications butyl, neoprene, ethylene-propylene etc, are available. The gas valve is connected to the bladder by a rubber coated washer to ensure a gas tight joint and a non return valve is incorporated for bladder inflation. The bladder, complete with the gas valve is attached to the accumulator shell by a lock nut, and the assembly is protected by a cover. Standard accumulators (types - AS / ASHF / ASWP) are installed with a poppet valve to prevent bladder from extruding out of the fluid port while allowing fluid to flow. In low-pressure range (type-ASWD/ASLV/ASLVHF) the anti-extrusion valve is installed. Fig.2