Fairchild MP2400 Low Pressure Motorized Pressure Regulator

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FeaturesVery low pressure output rangesExcellent set point stabilityAdjustable DC motor speedOutput pressure locks in last position in event of power failure.Standard commercial enclosure or Explosion-proof NEMA 4X housingEnd of travel limit switchesBenefitsExcellent choice for low pressure automation systemsAccurately maintains low pressure set pointsUsers can determine desired rate of increase or decrease in pressureSafe, predictable and reliable operationDesigns available for use in common, hazardous or harsh environmentsUser selectable setting of minimum and maximum pressure valuesThe Model 2400 M/P Low Pressure Converter is also a motorized regulator, however, this unit uses a larger diaphragm regulator as its pressure control device to facilitate high accuracy set point control. The pneumatic control circuit is isolated from any explosive environment by enclosing the motor and associated electronics an explosion-proof housing. The Stepper Motor configuration is equipped with a clock generator positioned horizontally, which plugs into a vertically mounted translator board. The configuration includes limit switches. The Stepper Motor is mounted on the bottom of the motor assembly in the base of the explosion-proof housing. Wiring to the unit is made to a terminal board through a 1/2" - 14 NPT conduit fitting in the base of the housing. The large diaphragm regulator attaches to the motor housing and provides precision control in three (3) available pressure ranges, from 0-20 in water column, up to 0-5 psi. In these configurations, the MP2400Low Pressure motorized regulator will handle a supply pressure up to 150 psi, 10BAR, 1000 kPa.