Felm FAA3-450F3-02P Motor

Felm FAA3-450F3-02P  Motor Image

Felm FAA3-450F3-02P Motor

Product Name: Felm FAA3-450F3-02P Motor
Brand: Felm
Product Code: FAA3-450F3-02P
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GENERAL CHARACTERISTICSThe design, manufacturing and testing of squirrel cage induction motors made by Felm® are  in accordance to IEC standard, Felm supply high quality steel frame motors with high performance and flexibility to meet customer request. The motors are widely used in various industries like: mining, pumps, compressors, wind machineries, fans ect.Compact Series Motor Technical details:Efficiency level: Premium IE3 Motors < 220 kW  >  2500 kW High efficiency level Number of Poles: 2 up to 12Frequency: 50 Hz.                                                                                   (Optional: 60 Hz.)Voltage: 6-6.6-11 kV                                                                               (Optional: other rated voltages)Frames: 355 up to 630Steel welded frameCooling system: IC611                                                                            (Options IC 616:  Inverter use rated 1:10) Copper bar RotorShaft sealing:  O´Ring VPI Insulation SystemInsulation class F (class B temperature rise)                                     (Options: Class H) Formed windingDegree of protection: IP55                                                                   (Options: IP56 - IP65)Mounting: B3                                                                                           (Options: V1)Painting procedure:                                                                                According to ISO 12944 S Final color: RAL 5010Internal epoxy coating (tropicalized)Sintered drain plugTerminal box on side:                                                                            Left or RightShaft Material: C45Double grounding (1 inside terminal box + 2 on the frame)Grease Caltex SRI-2 or SKF LGHP2                                                       (Different types recommended by Felm) Regreasing system Options:Space HeatersPT100 windings and bearings TransmittersCT’s TransformerSurge Arrestor & Capacitor & SuppressorVibration probesJunction boxPredisposition and All type of Encoder Special shaft materials DC or AC Brake