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Fife H5535 Actuator

Product Name: Fife H5535 Actuator
Brand: Fife
Product Code: H5535
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The H5535 series actuator combines the rugged design of roller screw technology with the efficiency and reliability of an AC servo motor. This results in an actuator that is brushless for reduced maintenance, provides position feedback without external devices, maintains position accuracy during loss of power without a homing sequence, outlasts ball screw designs by doubling the travel life, and is available in thrust ranges of 500 lbs (2.2 kN) to 40,000 lbs. (178 kN). The high thrust and high duty cycle of the H5535 series make it an excellent replacement for hydraulic cylinder...H5535 Actuator SpecificationsForce Output500 lbs. to 40000 lbs. 2.2 kN to 178 kNRod Speed500 lbs. to 2000 lbs. = 5 in/sec (Max.) 2.2 kN to 8.9 kN = 127mm/sec4000 lbs. to 6500 lbs. = 2.5 in/sec (Max.) 17.8 kN to 28.9 kN = 64 mm/secFactory set at 2.0 in/sec. (51 mm/ sec)Stroke Length12 inches305 mmOperating Temperature32º - 175º F0º - 80º CSide Load10 lbs. (44.5 N) fully extended20 lbs. (89.0 N) fully retractedBacklash0.2 mm0.2 mmMountingsRear Clevis, Front Flange, Trunnion