Fisher 3710 Pneumatic Positioner

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Features3710 positioners use field-proven spool valve technology for a simple design that gives accurate, fast-responding operation with high cycle life.Case, components, and gasket materials withstand harsh environments.With EPDM O-rings and input module diaphragm, 3710 positioners can be used in low temperature applications.3710 positioners with fluorocarbon or EPDM O-rings and an input module diaphragm can be used in applications with special material requirements, as in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco processing.Changes in supply pressure and ambient temperature have minimal effect on positioner operation.To support diagnostic testing of valve/actuator/positioner packages, connectors, piping, and other hardware can be installed between the 3710 positioner and the actuator.Standard, low-profile indicator or optional beacon-style indicator mount easily to the positioner cover.