Fisher 656 Diaphragm Actuator

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Fisher 656 Diaphragm Actuator

Product Name: Fisher 656 Diaphragm Actuator
Brand: Fisher
Product Code: 656
Diaphragm Actuator

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Fisher 656 diaphragm actuators provide small to medium thrust output for bracket-mounted applications. Such applications include operation of Butterfly valves and built-in turbine valves, louvers, dampers, and other similar equipment.SpecificationsActuationSpring-return, LinearCertificationsPED, CUTR, ATEXControl TypeOn/Off, Throttling, PositioningOperating TemperatureStandard TemperaturePower SourcePneumaticProcess ControlOn/Off, Throttling, PositioningValve TypeAngle Valve, Globe ValveOther ConfigurationsContact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.FeaturesMaximum thrusts of up to 5.3 kN (1,200 lbf) can be produced, depending on construction.Depending on size, strokes of up to 105 mm (4 1/8 in) are available.Four tapped holes in the actuator base permit either bracket or plate mounting.A wide spring selection is available for nearly any control application.Rugged yoke and casings provide stability and corrosion-resistant protection.Available with a top-mounted handwheel for manual override control.