Fisher HSR Pressure Regulators

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Fisher™ Type HSR Pressure RegulatorsType HSR direct-operated, spring-loaded pressure reducing regulators provide control in residential, commercial, and industrial applications for natural, manufactured, or liquefied petroleum gases.Internal relief across the diaphragm helps minimize overpressure. Any outlet pressure over the start-to-discharge point of the nonadjustable relief valve spring moves the diaphragm off the relief valve seat, allowing excess pressure to vent.Regulators meet ANSI B109.4/CGA 6.18.FeaturesAngle Bodies?Globe BodiesHigh CapacityCompact DesignHigh Capacity Internal ReliefMeets or Exceeds ANSI B109.4 / CGA 6.18 RequirementsFixed Factor / PFM AccuracySpecificationsBody Size and End Connection StylesNPS 3/4 x 3/4, 3/4 x 1, 1 x 1, NPT All sizes available in Globe or Angle BodyAllowable Inlet PressureEmergency: 150 psig / 10,3 barMaximum Operating Pressure: 125 psig / 8,6 barAllowable Outlet PressureEmergency (Casing): 25 psig / 1,7 barMaximum Operating Pressure to Avoid Internal Parts Damage: 3 psi / 0,21 bar differential above outlet pressure settingOutlet Pressure Ranges4-inches w.c. to 2.2 psig / 10 mbar to 0,15 bar in 7 rangesPressure RegistrationInternalTemperature Capabilities-20 to 160°F / -29 to 71°CApproximate Weight4 Pounds / 2 kg