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with potentiometric, inductive or optoelectronic measuring systemsFor measuring linear displacements on machines and converting them into electrical signals for teletransmission purposes - linear displacement transmitters of the potentiometric, inductive, incrementally or absolutely coded type can be used, depending on their application.In additon to other applications they are used onbending machines an injection moulding machinesactuator drives of valves and trapstransport vehiclesthickness, distance and pressure gaugesPotentiometric linear displacement transmitters comprise high-resolution wirewound resistance elements, capable of measuring length up to 1 m with high accuracy and a linearity of ± 0,1%.For protection against mechanical damage, plunger with sintered metal bearing and pull-back spring (optional), wiper guide, wiper and resistance element are encapsulated in a robust aluminum casing, degree of protection IP 65.For measurements relevant to safety, transmitters of this type are available with double-track potentiometer.Inductive linear displacement transmitters comprise a non-contact differential inductor system providing high linearity and resolution, capable to perform reliable measuring ranges from 0 to 0.5 mm up to 0 to 500 mm even under extremely severe environmental conditions.A separate or built-in oscillator/demodulator unit transforms the linear displacement of the plunger controlled differential inductor system into a current or voltage output signal.Incremental and absolute displacement transmitters comprise by design an optoelectronic angular position transducer, degree of prote-tion IP 65 to protect against dust and the effects of moisture, hinged by means of a driving pin and a toothed belt, guided inside the profiled aluminium. Transmitters of this type are preferably used for actual value determination of great measuring lengths on sawing machines in wood- and stone-working industry.For the determination of measuring length in the range of several meters the program offers extra rope length transmitters (further information see data sheet “Rope Length Transmitters”).Accessories: For indicating and monitoring the measurured lengths picked up by these systems, indicating instruments and limit indicators are available (further information see data sheet “Signal Indication” and “Signal Converters”).